Orchestra – the centralised company and stakeholder hub

Written by Snowball Effect · Published on Wed, 22 July 2020

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We regularly see first-hand the inconvenience that companies go through trying to locate missing or incomplete company/investor data and legal documents. 

The lack of a unified company and stakeholder management platform is what prompted us to partner with two NZ tech startup veterans to create and launch our solution, Orchestra.

What is Orchestra

Orchestra is New Zealand’s centralised company and stakeholder management hub that helps companies of all sizes, their investors and service advisors manage share registries, company compliance, stakeholder engagement and Employee Share Option Plans (ESOPs). It simplifies investments by providing investors with greater visibility of their private investments, which helps establish and grow a more reliable connection between investors and companies.

The all-in-one platform is digitally integrated with the New Zealand Companies Office website, ensuring a ‘single source of truth’, which helps save companies and their service providers time and money.

We’re pleased to say that at the time of launch in June 2020, more than 60 New Zealand companies and over 10,000 shareholders had already signed up to Orchestra, with more coming on board each week.

The team behind it

Drawing on our own experience as New Zealand’s leading private equity marketplace, Orchestra is a joint venture with Kiwi tech start-up veterans, Casey Eden and Shane Bradley. Between them, Casey and Shane have a wealth of experience, having founded and exited successful online platforms Neighbourly.co.nz and GrabOne.co.nz.

Who can Orchestra benefit?

Orchestra can help companies of all sizes and stages. The centralised company and stakeholder management hub ensures that time-consuming back-office tasks are taken care of, and legal requirements are met. Orchestra maintains a company’s share register, stores legal documents and makes communicating with investors easy. All changes made within Orchestra are updated in real-time on the New Zealand Companies Office website, ensuring consistency across your records.

We believe a big part of what makes a company successful is its investors. Orchestra provides visibility of a private company investment portfolio, tracks share transactions, and ensures investors have access at their fingertips to essential documents and the latest investor information.

Service providers like lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors can also benefit from using Orchestra to manage tasks and compliance regulations. Having a single source of truth for their clients’ company data means less time and stress spent reconciling different company share documents.

Key features

Orchestra’s features are continuously being added to, and include:

  • Maintains accurate company and investor legal records
  • Provides secure document storage to create an audit trail
  • Helps streamline investor communications
  • Integrates with the New Zealand Companies Office, ensuring consistent records
  • Gives investors and directors control to update their details and documents
  • Works with service providers like lawyers and accountants
  • Manages secondary market trading
  • Provides ESOP support
  • Seamless onboarding

What’s coming next

Orchestra’s platform is continually evolving, and the team is working on rolling out new features in the coming months. Keep an eye out for advances in share transactions, notification improvements, annual return filing, document e-signing and a personal asset tracker.

We believe that Orchestra can help companies and investors not just in New Zealand, but also overseas. The team plan to launch Orchestra in Australia in late 2020, before expanding to additional international markets.

Find out more and request a demo at orchestra.co.nz.