Since the launch of Snowball Effect in 2014, we’ve stayed true to our mission to help more New Zealanders to have access to exciting private high-growth investment opportunities.

Our collaboration with Icehouse Ventures on their IVX Fund I allows our community of wholesale investors to access a way to invest in some of New Zealand’s leading technology startups.

Who are Icehouse Ventures?

Established in 2015, Icehouse Ventures is New Zealand’s most active early-stage investment firm. They recently launched IVX Fund I, a growth stage venture fund that has already received more than $70m in committed funds from cornerstone investors such as Simplicity, Sir Stephen Tindall, Hobson Wealth, Iwi, and other private investors.

The IVX Fund will invest in 30 ‘late stage’ tech companies and has already invested in businesses such as Shuttlerock, Halter and Dawn Aerospace. When selecting companies to invest in via the Fund, Icehouse Ventures look for companies that exhibit established and growing teams, proven business models and revenue, well-developed products and services, robust governance, and the potential for global growth.

Snowball Effect’s involvement

Snowball Effect co-founder and CEO, Simeon Burnett says he is excited to be working with the Icehouse Ventures team on the IVX Fund I. “The IVX Fund I provides investors with a simple way to get diversified exposure to a variety of high growth Kiwi companies, and invest alongside a number of well known New Zealand institutions.”

How to invest in Icehouse Ventures: IVX Fund I

If you’re interested in learning more about the IVX Fund I, then check out the offer preview page for more information on how you can invest via Snowball Effect. The Fund is only open to wholesale investors and requires a minimum investment of NZD $50k, which is drawn down at 25% p.a. over three years. The first drawdown (25%) is at the close of the over.

All investments made via Snowball Effect will be held within Snowball Nominees, which you can view via your Orchestra dashboard.